The Marin ((or)) I'm half crazy

Had a day off today, which is nice.  Did a little shopping, and I'm having dinner tonight. 


I bought a bunch of kyanite.  I'm kind of into kyanite, I don't really know why.  But it's definitely my favorite stone.  I'm laden with blue kyanite blades, and I was able to find a black kyanite fan, a green kyanite blade, and a small orange kyanite sliver too.  Also got some candles to burn for various things, as I've been out of candles for a while.   So I moved my altar, cleaned it up, arranged my stones, and I've got a general "good fortune in the coming week" candle going. 


I also got a new pair of shoes, which is a big deal because I have massive shoe anxiety, and it takes me way too long to buy shoes. 




I really have to start reading Kavalier and Clay.  This month is flying by, and I haven't even started it yet.  I finished The Night Buffalo and as I usually do when I finish that book, had a brief emotional snap.  But it's tucked away on the personal selection shelf behind my altar, where it will rest for a year or so before I read it again, and have another brief emotional snap. 


I cleaned up my book area a little.  I mean, there's not much I can do, seeing as I have no shelf space left, and yet I still keep bringing home books.  The best I can do is make my piles neater.


Pardon my unvaccuumed carpet.  I just...don't want to deal with that.


Also, the statuette of horse and rider that sits on top of my bookshelf on the right is a pretty interesting piece of work, that has caused me a world of trouble (there's gunplay, and foot chases involved in the story of how I acquired that statue).  But now it sits quietly on top of my books, waiting patiently for someone to come knocking on my door with a pistol, looking to take it back from me.