Collapse ((or)) Goodbye Blue Monday

Well, today is Wednesday, which means it's warehouse day!


I sound more excited than I actually am.  A has been sick with some sort of throat thing, and I feel it creeping up on me.  I've done well this year of avoiding disease, but I am not sure if I can escape this one.  That's what you get when you share a bed with a school teacher.  Kid germs.  So anyhow, I am too tired, and too cranky to be that excited about the warehouse today.


In addition to that, my bookstores roof partially caved in yesterday.  Luckily all that was lost was general fiction, E-F and mystery/thriller A-B.  The maintenance at my store is kind of notoriously bad, so there's no telling when I'll see a solution to this.  Of course this happens on my day off (as problems usually do), so I'm going by this morning to sort of assess the damage.  Hopefully the hole is patched in the roof, and there's no more leakage.  For that, though, we'd have to see more rain here in Southern California, and I don't think that's supposed to happen. 


I'm actually really procrastinating this morning.  I should be dressed, and heading out the door in a few minutes, instead of sitting in my shorts trying to muster up the energy to drink some grape juice.  Alas.




I'm so in to model planes right now, guys.  Yesterday I finally finished the P-61 Black Widow, which was kind of intense and huge.  And I built a Sukhoi SU-25 in the time it took me to watch Jeopardy. 


I think a helicopter might be next...




Still haven't started Kavalier and Clay.  I can't even find my copy of it right now.  This is a curse that I always deal with; losing the book I'm supposed to be reading, and then reading Jennifer Government twice in a row because I picked it up off of a shelf, while looking for a different book. 


Wish I had more time to spend here today.




The first time I saw The Marin, it was from a distance, through binoculars.  I was working freelance, as a photographer, for an independent detective agency in a small town between Chicago, and Milwaukee.  I didn't have an office, because I was really a glorified intern, but my boss did.  He was a detective named Able, and HIS office overlooked Lake Michigan.  As I was getting ready to leave one evening, I walked in on him standing in the dark, peering through his office window, onto the beach below, through a pair of binoculars.  About a quarter mile down the beach (close enough to not really need binoculars), The Marin sat on the hood of a navy blue sedan, while two men and a woman spoke, gesturing to the statuette, in front of a burgundy four door, parked end to end with the sedan.  The Marin was basically just a silhouette against the sun, lowering behind the green water of the lake.  But Able seemed more interested in the foot tall bronze piece than he did in any of the three people who still feverishly discussed it.  I should have taken more notes on that first night, as I'm sure it would have saved me a lot of trouble in the coming week.  But...even seen from a distance, through unnecessary binoculars, at dusk, from above a lake, The Marin (at the time) was all either of us could focus on.