Can I get a little fiction with my science? ((or)) I can't trust what anyone says about any book ever.

The Martian - Andy Weir

I wish I had more time to read.  I wish I had more time to write, too.


The Martian - Andy Weir


I'm currently reading The Martian.  Has anyone read this already?  I got two kind of mixed reviews about it, but I'm about halfway through it, and man, I love it. 


One of the complaints I heard was that there was too much "science" in it.  but...I's science-fiction.  It's about an astronaut.  There's not really such a thing as too much science in science fiction about astronauts.  And that being said, there isn't even a lot of science. 


The other complaint i heard was that the main character (Mark) sometimes came off as patronizing.  But once again, I don't get that from him.  He's a funny guy. 


I'm about 179 pages into it, which is straddling the middle of the book.  I'll be done with it by tomorrow if I'm awake enough to read after work.  After I've finished it, we'll really delve deep into my lingering existential dread regarding space, and science fiction.  It's kind of a doozy.


Then, it's on the Interview With The Vampire for October book club.