The amount of books.

I'm sitting here looking at some of my bookshelves, remembering the last time I tried to add them to a virtual bookshelf.  I got through one row of my main shelf, and had about 100 books input, and became totally overwhelmed by the number.  100 doesn't seem like many...but that's one row, out of sixteen, and they're all double stacked.  And that doesn't include the piles of hundreds of books sitting on my floor, because I don't have shelf space.  That doesn't include the stacks, and stacks, and stacks of paperbacks. 


I can't even ballpark a figure when someone asks me how many books I have. 


I'd like to have them all organized, and categorized, and alphabetized, but I don't have the space for it just yet.  One of these days, I'll have my library, but for now, I just have stacks and piles.




Today is Labor Day, and I will be at work for most of the morning. 


I love my job.  I am the store manager of a used bookstore, which (aside from owning my own comic book shop) is sort of my dream job.  I have four employees that work for me, whom I love, and I have a supportive upper management team that works off-site.  For the most part, I get to do whatever I want to my store...I play the music I want to hear, I sell the books I want to sell, and I decorate the place how I want to decorate. 


Today, I'm going to be doing that last one.  Fall (or autumn?  I don't know the difference) is upon us, and it's time to let people know that in other parts of the country, where it isn't perpetually summer, there are oranges, and reds, and yellows, and browns at this time of year.  And pretty soon, it's going to be time for Halloween decor, my favorite type of decor (aside from the calm, cool decor of the British officer class, of course.) We decided yesterday that we're going with a pirate theme for our kids section, and I'm going to bleed that out through the whole store.  Last year, at this time, I was but a lowly bookseller (not that my booksellers are lowly), and didn't do much for the holidays.  This year, I'd really like to blow everyone out of the water with my decoration.  Halloween first, followed by "harvest" (because Thanksgiving is a sham), and then...into Christmas.  I don't have room for a Christmas tree in my home (because of all the books), so in an attempt to really get into the christmas spirit, I'm going to use my bookstore as a second home, and decorate it accordingly.


Can't wait to get deeper into the season.  I only wish that the forecast for this week wasn't hovering above 90 degrees. 


Currently reading:  Le Morte D'Arthur (for fun), and The Adventures of Kavalier and Clay (for bookclub)