My emerald girl is waiting for me. Throttling like an F-16. ((or)) I should spend more time thinking about books.

I left off on The Night Buffalo with about 20 pages to go yesterday.  I do most of my reading as I commute from home to work (which is about an hour ride), and I always start to feel anxiety when I've got less than twenty pages left to read, but my bus stop is a quarter mile down the road.  There are times when I feel like I just want to stay seated, and finish my book while my stop disappears behind me, and I venture forth towards the vasty nothingness of the far end of the San Fernando Valley.  But then when I think about it, there's less adventure in the unknown valley than there is in the confines of my bookstore.  So I'm left with just a few pages to read at the beginning of today, and then I'll finally start on The Adventures of Kavalier and Clay


Even when I pick the book club book, I still struggle to read it in a timely manner; it feels like homework, and I was never one of those kids who did homework.  I've heard that this one is a quick, easy, and fun read.  So I'm hoping to power through it pretty quickly so I can jump into...something else.  Who knows what's next.




Today at the bookstore...I'm not sure.  I feel like as the store manager I should go into every day with a plan.  But I just don't work like that.  I can't make a plan until I'm in the store, with my eyes on everything that needs to be done. 


There's a lot more decorating to do.  We have to turn out kids section into a pirate ship (which is a hassle for me.  I hate the kids section more than anything.  It's difficult to maintain, it's constantly messy, and there's nothing to tie it all together, it's just a hodgepodge of books.  I guess that's why we're doing a theme.) I'm not exactly sure how one turns a kids section into a pirate ship, but that's why I have an assistant manager who doubles as my creative leader.  I also have to cut out 30 two foot autumn leaves to put on my enormous front window to stop the sun from burning through them at midday (we have an western exposure, and at about 3 pm, the sun crests over the top of our building, and shines like a laser beam into the store.  It heats that place up like a pizza oven.)  I also have to figure out what I'm supposed to do for Hobbit day.  I'm not really the worlds biggest fan of The Hobbit (I like it and all, I'm just not rabid about it) and I have until the 22nd to come up with...something. 


And on top of all that, I have schedules to make (the single most stressful part of my job) books to sell, books to buy, emails to send, and I'm pretty sure I have a student interview scheduled at some point today.  I was supposed to have one yesterday, but it didn't work out (mostly because the student was asking me questions that I had no answers to regarding out merchant services and the way we process credit card transactions?  It was a weird thing to ask at a bookstore.  I know nothing about any of that, man, I just swipe the card, and that's that.)


So anyhow, lots of work to do today.  But I always have lots of work to do.  BEST PART.  It's totally payday, the best day of the bi-weekly period.  I'm in the process of paying off the very small amount of debt that I've accrued over the past 30 years (I owe about 1100 dollars in total to various organizations that I apparently financially wronged at some point in my life.) So this paycheck, plus the next one in two weeks will officially bring me up to zero.  Looking forward to that.  I'm torn over the idea of banking, though.  The bulk of what I owe is to a bank who kind of screwed me over as a kid (when I was 22, I was still a kid.) and it's been dangling over my head ever since.  I don't really believe in the concept of banking; I like to deal in tangibles.  Ones, fives, tens, twenties.  I hate the idea of my money being under another persons watch while I use a little piece of plastic instead.  It makes no sense to me.  I don't get how people who have much more money than I do feel comfortable with that.  I mean, at that point it isn't even really your money anymore, is it?  When an organization can impose a limit on how much of my cash I can take out of an ATM per day, I instantly no longer trust that organization.  Why can't I have all of my money all at once, ATM?  Why is there a 400 dollar limit per day, ATM?  It makes zero sense to me.  I just take all of my cash, roll it up into a tight little money cigar, and stash it in a hollow book on one of my bookshelves.  That's not even a joke.  I tell people at the bank that every time they ask if I want to open an account, or who I bank with already, and they always laugh and assume I'm kidding.  I'm not.  There are hundreds of dollars in a hollow book on my bookshelf, that you would never be able to pick out if you were searching for it.  And you know what?  When I need it, I take it.  I never have to be late to a dinner because I have to stop by the bank.  I never have to worry about how much money I have in my bank account.  I barely even have to keep any financial records.  It's all tangible, and right there in front of my face. 


I'm very passionate about abolishing the bank system, and moving to a cash only or barter system.  It makes more sense to me.  It keeps the human race together, where relying on big business only serves to keep us apart.  In my opinion.


I've talked more about finances than I anticipated. 




I spent all day yesterday thinking about the wings of the P-61 Black Widow.



Kind of a funny thing to dwell on all day, I know.


We recently got a ton of scale model kits in my bookstore (from god knows where) and since I'd never built a model airplane as a kid, I decided I needed one to try.  I put together a Sopwith Camel (one of my favorite planes) and an F-16 Electric Fighter (Hal Jordan's ride) and then started building this Northrop P-61 Black Widow.  It's sort of become an obsession.  In about two weeks, I've bought two dozen of these bastards.  Tanks, jets, bombers.  A fucking boeing 747.  And I'm just having a blasty blast putting them together.  I see why so many old men are into scale modeling.  It's centering.  And after a few days when it becomes a plane instead of a sheet of plastic pieces, there's a feeling of accomplishment.  Plus, now that I've built two 1:72 scale model planes from two entirely different eras in history, I'm pretty sure I could rebuild any plane engine you put me in front of, scale or not. 


So I'm working on the Black Widow.  And when I left off yesterday, I was putting the wings together.  I didn't finish yesterday morning, and after going to a late dinner with my better half last night, we came home, and the little ones (read: my parakeets) were already in bed asleep in the same room as my desk.  So I didn't get to finish the wings last night either.  I'm going to dwell on these god damn wings again all day today.