Disjointed ((or)) Early morning

The Story of Civilization - Will Durant, Ariel Durant

I'm very slowly picking my way through The Story Of Civilization, by Will and Ariel Durant.  I don't know what compelled me to read these books.  Probably because I found a whole set of them, and they've been sitting on my desk for three weeks.  I can't let a book sit that close to me every day and not read at least some of it.  My goal is to finish this entire eleven volume set.  I don't have a time frame because then it becomes homework, but man, I sure would love to actually get through it all.




I've been at the bookstore since 6 am, which I'm not bothered by, because I love the bookstore.  I'm bothered that I was supposed to be here at 7:30 to allow maintenance access to something or other, and they didn't roll up until 8:20.  And then rudely walked into my back room and used my staff restroom without saying a word to me.  That's rude, right?  Maybe I'm just sensitive because every other time I've dealt with any of the maintenance for this place it's been a shitshow.


So I used my spare time to clean up my office, and reorganize some shit that has been bothersome to me since I took over this job.  There's still too much clutter all over the place, but it's a little better now. 


So I'm spending today writing emails that I...don't really know how to write.  It's all marketing and while I was really into marketing and advertising for a while, I was always a creative type, and not really an implementation kind of guy.  So I'm sort of floundering in my current task.  Which is why I am aimlessly typing away on here.  Thank god I have an opener coming in an hour so I can focus up and get some work done.  As it stands right now, I'm already running on empty today.