Gin giblet ((or)) The Children's Crusade

Seven Years in Tibet - Heinrich Harrer Hokkaido Popsicle - Isaac Adamson Tokyo Suckerpunch - Isaac Adamson Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince - J.K. Rowling, Mary GrandPré The Familiar, Volume 1: One Rainy Day in May - Mark Z. Danielewski

I am hungover like a 22 year old.  I've been sitting in my office, reading Seven Years In Tibet for an hour.  We went out to an Alice in Wonderland themed bar last night, and their drinks were well received, by me.  Which I am sort of mildly paying for this morning. 


I haven't really been doing a lot of reading lately.  I'm reading this book because it was within arms reach when I sat down, which is a problem I sometimes have.  I'll read the first two or three chapters of whatever book is within grasp, then put it down and forget about t entirely for weeks, until it's been so long that I can't even continue where I left off anymore.  So I get stuck in this vicious cycle or re-reading the first act of the same book over and over again. 


There are a few books I'd like to sit down and finally finish:


1. Hokkaido Popsicle by Isaac Adamson.  I started this book immediately after I finished Adamson's first book Tokyo Suckerpunch.  That is one of my favorite books.  But I got caught up in something or other at work, and never ended up finishing it. 


2. The Familiar, volume 1: One Rainy Day In May   by Mark Z. Danielewski.  This is just a tough book.  But I'm going to slowly start picking away at it.  What I've read so far (which is only about 30 pages) is marvelous.  I even have a copy signed by the author, thanks to my little brother, who also happens to work in a different book store.


3. Harry Potter and the...something...something.  I seriously blew through the first three HP books, and loved them.  Much like everything else I need to finish, I just sort of forgot about the next book.  I think I'm on the 4th...I'm not sure.  Maybe I should just read the first three again to be certain...