The aptly named "Sir not appearing in this film" ((or)) Arthur King

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, Pearl, and Sir Orfeo - J.R.R. Tolkien Sir Gawain and the Green Knight - Neil D. Isaacs, Unknown, Burton Raffel

So I've been on this huge King Arthur kick lately.  I've mentioned it a few times.  I don't know what started it (aside from King Arthur and the Arthurian legend being just fantastic.) but I have amassed a large collection of Arthur and Camelot books that I am beginning to get through finally.  I started with Thomas Mallory Le Morte D'arthur, which I loved, but full disclosure, I picked through a lot and skipped a good portion of the exposition throughout.  After that I went all the way through T.H. White's The Once And Future King, which was excellent, but not as gritty as Le Morte D'Arthur (TOaFK would be the Adam West Batman, to Le Morte D'Arthur's Christopher Nolan Batman.) 


I'm reading through a few different translations of Sir Gawain and The Green Knight right now.  I'm enjoying the Armitage version, but I have yet to get to the Tolkien version (which is kind of a cool idea.)


I feel like I'm going to end up reading a lot ABOUT King Arthur stories rather than reading the stories themselves.  I'm itching for some good non fic.